342nd Flying Tigers Command Structure

The name of our organization shall be officially known as the “342nd Flying Tigers”. Also known as “The 342nd”, “342”, “Tigers”, “Team342FT”, and “342FT”.

The 342nds main objective is to enjoy the company of our members, and to provide an arena of fair play and honest dialog.

Our Command Staff will be responsible for establishing and managing the following;

  • Team Rules
  • Team Awards
  • Member Ranks
  • Position Appointments
  • Server Management
  • Team Events
  • Website Management
  • Social Media Content
  • Discipline and Discipline Procedures

342nd Flying Tigers – Team Core Values

  1. To RESPECT all, regardless of position, location, and whether individuals are 342nd members or not
  2. To be of high character; representing the collective, with the highest intentions within the group and outside the group. To conduct yourself in a verbal manner based on sound temperament, and in a manner that reflects the high standards of its members. To do all that is right and sound to advance and promote the perfection of these qualities. In short, a 342nd member is to conduct themselves in a manner that will reflect highly on the 342nd, and help other 342nd members in a respectful manner, to do likewise.
  3. Never, under any circumstance will a 342nd member condone, or take part in cheating.
  4. Above all, win or lose, have fun and allow others that same opportunity before, during, and after a game.
  5. The 342nd was founded on a principle of “family”. The 342nd will maintain that essence. An essence in which its members treat each other as you would a dear friend despite personal differences. This is our creed!