342nd Flying Tigers

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The 342nd Flying Tigers has two (2) membership levels for our team and they are explained as follows;


342FT Active Duty
Team members who participate occasionally, but refrain from attending team events such as competitive gaming (i.e. Ladder Matches), and weekly meetings. This member can achieve a team rank of Sergeant, but no higher unless promoted to the Special Forces Division.


342FT Special Forces
Team members who partake in competitive team events, and structured team practice. This includes 50% or better attendance at scheduled team meetings set and established by the 342nd Command Staff. Members can not enter this division until their mandatory 30 day probationary period has completed.

Members that have not participated in casual team play, including forum activity, for a period of 60 days or better, and fail to informed a member of the Command Staff of their leave of absence, will be moved to our “Inactive Duty” roster for a period of 30 days. After 30 days, with a formal attempt to be contacted by a member of our Command Staff, or senior member assigned to do so, can be removed from our team roster at the agreement of our Command Staff without further notice.

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  • FoundedOct - 2003
  • LanguageEnglish
  • LocationUnited States of America
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