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Welcome To The 342nd Flying Tigers - Established 2003

Battlefield GamerEstablished in October 2003, the 342nd Flying Tigers was formed by three life long friends who shared an interest in structuring an ethical PC Gaming Community.

Lead by Todd “Deadstick” Swift, he took charge in creating and managing all of the online website design / content, and team structure. Both Tim “Whitedawg” Howland, and Rich “Blackface” Highley helped to recruit players.

Our goal at the time was to build a team of highly competitive players to compete in team ladders, but due to conflicting work schedules it made it hard to do so. However, as our team roster grew, so did new our leadership. We never knew how many great people were out there who had the same passion and interest as we did. You must keep in mind competitive online gaming has only been around for a few years at this point, so this was new to a lot if not most of our members.

“Dragon”, “Deke”, and “Sixgunn” who joined our team shortly after our establishment, played a huge roll in fine tuning our chain of command, and leadership rolls, ultimately leading us into competitive team play. Over the years that followed we shared countless nights playing into the wee hours of the morning, building very close friendships amongst our team, and even some within other Battlefield clans.

Although many of our original members from the early years have stopped gaming, the 342nd will always be a place they can visit and know they still have friends to talk to.

342nd Flying Tigers Clan

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